Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    History, Geography and notables of Karadj-e Abu-Dulaf    M.Sc.    ,    2009-07-05
2    attaef va dawro ghabilate saghif menal asr aljaheli alakhir hata ghiam addawla alomawiya    M.Sc.    ,    2009-10-09
3    Geoghraphy and Social-Cltural History of Zaranj from Early Islam to Timurids    M.Sc.    golmohammadi, ali reza    2009-11-11
4    The pathology of architecture of monuments in Iran from arriving of islam to the rising of Moghals    M.Sc.    tanhaee, narges    2010-05-02
5    Historical Geography and social and cultural History of Ghazna from rise of Islam until the mogul attack Historical Geography and social and cultura    M.Sc.    payandeh, mohadeseh    2010-05-31
6    Writing grave (Tombgraphy) in Iran from the Mongol invation to the Safavids down    M.Sc.    sadaty armaky, javad    2010-06-22
7    The study of local historiography of khorasan and transoxiana from mongols invation up to the end of the safavid    M.Sc.    nakhaei, meysam    2010-07-26
8    A Survey on the political and cultural life of Khwadjah Ghiyath al-Din Pir Ahmad Khwafi    M.Sc.    oraee, maryam    2011-02-06
9    Hamdullah Mostofi and his Chronology    M.Sc.    rahimi, salah    2011-02-09
10    Manifestations of water in Islamic architecture (until the begining 10 century)    M.Sc.    KHADANGHI, afifeh    2011-05-01
11    khaf monuments from the rise of islam to the end of qajar era    M.Sc.    ebrahimbay, mehri    2011-06-12
12    A Study Of Preper Names Of Mecca Frome Abd Al-Muttalib's Leadership To Prophet's Demise(520-633 AD)    M.Sc.    dehghanmanshadi, zahra    2012-05-20
13    Esfahan Sadr school: from beginning to the end of the First Pahlavid Era    M.Sc.    hashempourvarnousfaderani, gholamreza    2012-05-22
14    The events and natural disasters of Khorasan and consequences from Mongul period until Ghajar dynastic    M.Sc.    hatamizadeh, fereshteh    2013-06-09
15    The events of natural Djabal province and consequences from arriving of islam to the Mongol invasion    M.Sc.    asadi aval, marziyeh    2013-10-13
16    Sources of wealth of Marw from the formation of independent states to Mongol invasion.    M.Sc.    shaban, fateme    2014-10-12
17    separation between princes’ Political crimes and another political crimes from first Imam of the Shia religion's perspective    M.Sc.    Houshiyar emami, Seid sobhan    2015-04-14
18    Terminology Of Muslims Maritime to the Thenth century A.H    M.Sc.    akbarzadeh farkhani, faezeh    2015-10-26
19    translation and work on Al-Ahval Al-Eghtesadieh Fi Khorasan E Asr-E Salajeqe    M.Sc.    mansori asl, zahra    2016-04-18
20    Elites of Abivard and Nisa in Third to Seventh Centuries    M.Sc.    saadatzadeh, fatemeh    2017-03-01
21    History of Dālāhῡ to the Islamic revolution of Iran    M.Sc.    ketabi, shabnam    2017-03-06
22    Bajestan buildings in the Islamic era    M.Sc.    poorali, hossein    2017-12-25